iPhone Earrings and Mac Jewelry – Yes, Seriously

November 12th, 2009

Our rank and file is filled with tech nuts and nerds, and we’re proud of that. One thing about working with tech nuts and nerds is that there is never a shortage of ideas. Out of one of these ideas comes our latest venture; Mac Jewelry. Yes, Seriously!

About The Earrings and PowerbookMedic

We fix Mac computers, iPhones, and iPods…a lot of them. Over the years, we’ve amassed a stock pile of non working parts which we refused to send to a landfill. One day while organizing these parts, we got the idea to do something with them, and thus Mac jewelry was born. We have no intention of saving the world with this project, but every little bit helps.

In addition to fixing computers and selling parts, we also provide free take apart videos to show others how to repair their devices. Click to check out the Mac Repair videos.

Have a Mac, iPod, or iPhone you need fixed or upgraded, click to go to our Mac Service center. If you need your top case replaced, we’ll recycle your power button and turn it into an earring for you for free…though it would only be the one.

So without further ado, I present to you our first virtual fashion show of our Mac Jewelry.

This text will be replaced

iPhone Earrings (made with Home Buttons) – $14.95

Aluminum Mac Power Button Earrings – $14.95

Black Macbook Power Button Earrings – $14.95

White Macbook Power Button Earrings – $14.95

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  1. 37
    Bradley Says:

    We currently don’t have an ETA on the aluminum restock time.

  2. 36
    Birdofparadox Says:

    When will you have aluminum earrings back in stock?

  3. 35
    Apple-sieraden de nieuwe trend? « Apple Land Says:

    […] De oorknoppen zijn te koop voor 15 dollar via de website van PowerBook Medic. […]

  4. 34
    Brincos de Home Button? « iPods Br Says:

    […] brincos custam US$14,95 e podem ser comprados aqui. CategoriasGeek Tags:home button, iphone, ipod, ipod touch Comentários (0) Trackbacks […]

  5. 33
    Kevin Says:

    Count me in on the cufflinks suggestion!

  6. 32
    Recycled Mac and iPhone jewelry, a perfect gift for gadget geeks : Green Resouces Says:

    […] Via: UberGizmo/PowerBook Medic […]

  7. 31
    iPhone: vecchi pulsanti si trasformano in orecchini - iPhoner Says:

    […] però deve aver preso seriamente questa frase, visto che sul loro sito è possibile acquistare 4 paia di orecchini diversi, tutti composti con pulsanti di accensione derivati da Mac o iPhone. Il prezzo? Solamente 14,95 […]

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