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500GB 7200RPM Hard Drives Now Available

May 28th, 2009

We have a new addition to our Mac Hard Drive lineup today. We are now carrying 500GB 7200RPM drives for the Macbook and Macbook Pro models. The drives are $169.95 and are available from the link below:

500GB 7200RPM Macbook Pro and Macbook Hard Drive

Macbook Pro Unibody and iPod Touch LCDs

May 22nd, 2009

Today we added a few new LCDs to our product lineup. 

1.) Macbook Pro 15 Inch Unibody LCD Display Screen

This LCD is for the new 15″ Unibody Macbook Pro. The LCD is brand new and is $199.95. 

View the 15 Inch  Macbook Pro Unibody LCD Product Here


2.) iPod Touch 2ND Generation LCD Assembly

Replace your cracked or broken iPod Touch LCD assembly with this brand new replacement. This new LCD assembly is $49.95.

View the iPod Touch LCD 2Nd Generation Product Here


3.) iPod Nano 4th Generation LCD Assembly

This is a replacement screen for the 4th Gen Nano series. This LCD is $39.95. 

View the iPod Nano LCD 4th Generation Product Here

New iPhone 3G and iPod Battery Replacements

May 21st, 2009

Today we announced four new additions to our iPod / iPhone battery product lineup. These batteries are replacements to the original batteries and start at $9.95.

The new batteries are as follows:

iPhone 3G Battery Replacement – Click Here to Go to the iPhone 3G Battery Product

iPod Touch Battery (2nd Generation) – Click Here to Go to the iPod Touch Battery (2nd Gen) Product

iPod Touch Battery (1st Generation) – Click Here to Go to the iPod Touch Battery Product

iPod Nano Battery (4th Generation) – Click Here to Go to the iPod Nano Battery (4th Generation) Product

iPhone 3G Disassembly Video : Release

May 19th, 2009

Today we released our iPhone 3G disassembly video. This video will show you how to disassemble the iPhone 3G and perform most any repair including cracked glass, broken lcd, digitizer replacement, battery replacement etc…

The video can be found at the dedicated page at the link below:

iPhone 3G Repair Video Disassembly Guide

Or viewed in the embedded player below:

128GB IDE Solid State Disks for Powerbook / iBook / AppleTV / Mac Mini

May 18th, 2009

Today we began carrying 128GB Solid State Disks for the Powerbook / iBook / AppleTv / and Mac Mini (PowerPC version)

Why Have a Solid State drive?: Solid state drives have several advantages over the magnetic hard drives. The majority of this comes from the fact that the drive does not have any moving parts. While a traditional drive has drive motors to spin up the magnetic platters and the drive heads, all the storage on a solid state drive is handled by flash memory chips. This provides three distinct advantages: * Less Power Usage * Faster Data Access * Higher Reliability

The drive is priced at $419.95 and is available from the link below:

128GB Solid State Disk for Powerbook iBook and Apple TV


New Products – Mac OS X Bundle and 13″ Unibody Screens

May 15th, 2009 is now offering the new bundle pack from Apple which includes the latest version of Mac OS X Leopard, iLife ’09, and iWork ’09.

Whether you have lost your copy of OS X or just want to upgrade to the latest and greatest, this is the best place to start.  iLife and iWork come with most of the software you’ll ever need for your Mac.

We are currently offering this bundle for $159.95. You can order it here.

We also now have available the LCD panels for the new 13″ Macbook Unibody models.  It is currently on sale for $189.95.  Apple does not manufacturer their own screens, but this is the exact same manufacturer and model used in the Macbooks today.  Start placing your order for it here.

Modbook – 10% Price Drop on Refurbished Units

May 5th, 2009, an authorized Axiotron Modbook Service Provider,  is one of the only places, if not the only place, you can build to order a refurb Axiotron Modbook; the first and only tablet Mac.

A refurb unit has a refurbished Macbook Base with a brand new Axiotron Modbook system installed. 

Today, we are announcing an 11% price drop in the cost of Modbook refurbished units, originally starting from $1849 down to $1649. The units are still completely customizeable to your specifications, except now they’re even more affordable. 

For more information, or to order yours today, visit the product page at the link below:

Axiotron Modbook Modservice Tablet Mac Product

Another Round of New Products

May 4th, 2009

We’ve got another new round of products to announce today.

#1 – 17″ Magsafe Board for Macbook Pro 17″ Model A1212

This is the board that the Magsafe power adapter plugs into for 17″ Macbook Pros with model # A1212. The product is new and is $89.95. The item is available from the link below:

Magsafe Board for Macbook Pro 17″ Model A1212 Product

Product Photo below:

#2 – Pulled Superdrive Optical Drive Replacements for Powerbook / iBook

These are Pulled / Used 8X DVD / CD burners for the Powerbook and iBook. The drives come with our 1 year standard warranty, and come at half the cost of a new drive at $49.95. This item is available from the link below:

Apple Superdrive for Mac Powerbook and iBook

#3 – Pulled 80GB 4200RPM Hard Drives for Powerbook / iBook

This product is a pulled 80GB IDE/ATA hard drive for the Powerbook & iBook. The item is Apple Branded and comes with our standard one year warranty. This item is $39.95 and is available from the link below:

80GB Apple Powerbook Hard Drive Replacement

Macbook Air Display Back Case

May 1st, 2009

We’ve got another new product to introduce today, the Macbook Air Display Back Case. This part is the casing component that has the Apple logo on it. These cases are pulls. If you go to Apple and try to have your case replaced, you’ll end up having to purchase an entire display assembly. is one of the only places to have this part available. 

The cost for the part is $39.95, and it is available from the link below:

Macbook Air Display Base Case with Apple Logo Product


There are a couple of different product views below: