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Battery Tips for Your Apple Devices

May 13th, 2011

When it comes to enjoying your gadgets, battery life is something that most of us should take into consideration. Many of us don’t realize how simple it is to prolong the performance and lifespan of our devices, but should take a little time to learn more about them. Whether it is an iPhone, a MacBook, an iPad, or an iPod, the battery life will affect how we use them, and here are a few tips to help:

1. Most of these devices use a Lithium-Polymer Battery, which are commonly found in most electronics these days. In previous generation batteries, they were primarily composed of Nickel-Cadmium combination, and would perform best if the battery was completely discharged before recharging. If the battery was recharged repeatedly without fully discharging, an effect commonly referred to as battery memory would occur. This means that the battery would “remember” having a smaller capacity, due to only having part of the capacity recharged. Lithium-Polymer batteries are extremely versatile, and one of the major advantages of these, is that they do not have a “memory” of charging, and therefore, can be charged safely without completely discharging the battery, without any ill effect, or lost capacity. According to Apple these batteries work best when charged and then used and then charged again.

2. These batteries perform best when kept in a stable temperature environment, ranging from 50°F-95°F. This means no constant use in the Sahara, or in the Antarctic. If you are storing the battery for an extended period of time, store the battery with a 40% charge, in a cool environment, which will allow for optimum conditions to prevent the battery from deteriorating.

3. Optimal settings: With all your devices, there are settings that can affect overall performance. On your phones, iPods, and laptops, if you are not using the Bluetooth or WiFi, turn those off. The device will continue searching for connections when they are not connected. You can also adjust the brightness settings, to slow the consumption of the battery power. Also, if so equipped, many devices have a built-in energy saver function that will dim, or power off the display after so many minutes of non-use, or put the device to sleep.

4. Consistent use is probably the most important factor in keeping the batteries in these devices healthy. Apple has stated that keeping the electrons circulating in these Lithium-Polymer batteries will help keep the life-span  of these devices in good running condition better than any other steps you can take.

If you find that the battery life on your current device is not meeting the standards that you kept when the device was new, it may not hurt to see about having your battery replaced. Below is a link to some of the numerous types of batteries we sell.

Replacement Batteries