Delorse Balzano

7 years ago
A big thank you for your post.Really thank you!

Powerbook Medic

7 years ago
@jordon - best thing to do is recheck all the cables. The cable that connects the top case to the logic board can be tricky and would cause the power button to not work any more.


7 years ago
Hi I took apart macbook pro a1278 to clean keyboard and now it wont power back on help


8 years ago
i accidentally ripped out a little black strip with 2 white stripes on it, 2 spots away from where my track pad is plugged in, anyone know what its called and what its used for?


8 years ago
i have macbook pro,the prob is water drope on board.the board turn on gose what's the prob ?


8 years ago
I took out one of the cabels connecting to the logic board (the second one that you took out in the video) and I dhave tried numerous times to get it back it, but it doesn't go back. It feels like its only going in part way when I do it. Can you help me?


8 years ago
I was replacing g the thermal paste, but afterwards , I realized that I lost a pin inside the SATA connector on the Logic Board for the Optical drive. The optical drive powers on but no data is getting through. Is it possible to purchase only this component from PowerBook Medic as I could carefully solder a new one back onto the logic Board myself. Otherwise, I'll need an entirely new Logic Board.


9 years ago
Thanks for the reply. I thought it was the wifi. I broke the connector, is there a place I can buy the little plastic connector for it? Otherwise is there any way you can tell me what the order of wires is? Left to right on the connector. I could just solder it to the board... Difficult to tell in the video.
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