This is the video manual for the 4th generation iPod. It originally came in 20GB and 40GB models and had a black and white screen. It was later modified for the iPod Photo and iPod Color but remained the 4th generation.


9 months ago
I have the same problem with salinko. Anyone knows how to fix it. Thanks

Powerbook Medic

1 year ago
@Mattttt - once you get to the part you need to replace, just start putting it back together by going in reverse but with the replacement part this time.


1 year ago
Repair guide? We didn't repair anything! All you had us to is take it apart!


1 year ago
ipods are reatarted

Powerbook Medic

2 years ago
@black99jack - If it is a sad apple logo then it is having trouble loading the OS. you will need to restore it in iTunes or see if iTunes reports any other errors such as a bad hard drive.


2 years ago
switched plogged it in got apple then error message put on computer just shows funny charge logo but does nothing is it ok


2 years ago
Great video.. thank you so much...


3 years ago
Oh wow , thank you so much. I had dropped my ipod, and it the hard drive had come off. Couldn't figure out how to put it back together. So thanks!
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