This is an official Take-apart guide for the iPod 5th Gen also known as the iPod Video.


2 months ago
@Steven - Same problem for me. There are small rubber-like spacers that "connect" the thumbwheel (and center button) to push switches on the board. On my iPod the center wheel spacer had slipped. I repositioned the spacer and all was well. Disassembling the case is tricky. Refer to the instructions posted elsewhere on this site; they are very helpful. Of particular importance are the locations of the six (?) locking tabs on the sides of the front faceplate. Knowing where these are helps to remove the faceplate without damage. Six (?) small screws need to be removed to separate the faceplate from the board. You'll need a #00 Philips head screw driver to accomplish this. If you decide to order any additional parts, such as a new battery, include a set of these screws in the order. They are tiny and easy to lose, but cheap. Lastly, try to make sure you do everything you want to do before reassembling the iPod: everytime you take it apart you risk damaging it.


2 months ago
I have a 5th Generation iPod (60gb A1136) and the center click wheel button stopped working. It seems to be stuck in the down position. Can I fix it by simply replacing the button or do I need to replace the logic board? Thank you in advance for your help.

Shauna Soldate

4 months ago
My nano keeps showing that it is in lock mode without the hold button being on. I have done everything and cannot seem to reset it, including resetting it to factory defaults. Is there any hope for my nano?

Powerbook Medic

6 months ago
@Peter - if sound isn't working for both headphones and through a base station, it is most likely going to be the audio processing chip on the logic board. I would try to do a factory reset just to rule out a software issue, but it will most likely require replacing the logic board.

Later, Peter

6 months ago
30gb. iPod Video (black)... no sound from either output connection (base & headphones). It boots up fine... the entire menu comes up & can be negotiated with the click wheel... any fixes for the sound issue?


7 months ago
i have an ipod 5th gen a1136, it powers on fine it runs through the system reset fine as well but when i connect it to my pc itunes tells me it is currupt and that i need to restore it, so i do, it takes forever then restarts, when it does itunes does the same thing all over again telling me it is currput, what do i do?


8 months ago
is this logic board? connected to pc: ipod (A1136, 80 gb)shows in itunes, all files intact, all files play. disconnected from pc, menu window shows, but no response from click wheel; backlight only resumes when I click lock switch on-off. no response to center/menu button reset. battery charges fine. good video, by the way!

Powerbook Medic

11 months ago
@Pamela - that is a weird one. I would say it is most likely a partially defective logic board issue if it works fine in the dock but won't sync to the computer. If the hard drive clicking is louder than usual, however, that's typically a sign of a failing hard drive.
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