This is an official Take-apart guide for the iPod 5th Gen also known as the iPod Video.

Shauna Soldate

4 days ago
My nano keeps showing that it is in lock mode without the hold button being on. I have done everything and cannot seem to reset it, including resetting it to factory defaults. Is there any hope for my nano?

Powerbook Medic

3 months ago
@Peter - if sound isn't working for both headphones and through a base station, it is most likely going to be the audio processing chip on the logic board. I would try to do a factory reset just to rule out a software issue, but it will most likely require replacing the logic board.

Later, Peter

3 months ago
30gb. iPod Video (black)... no sound from either output connection (base & headphones). It boots up fine... the entire menu comes up & can be negotiated with the click wheel... any fixes for the sound issue?


4 months ago
i have an ipod 5th gen a1136, it powers on fine it runs through the system reset fine as well but when i connect it to my pc itunes tells me it is currupt and that i need to restore it, so i do, it takes forever then restarts, when it does itunes does the same thing all over again telling me it is currput, what do i do?


5 months ago
is this logic board? connected to pc: ipod (A1136, 80 gb)shows in itunes, all files intact, all files play. disconnected from pc, menu window shows, but no response from click wheel; backlight only resumes when I click lock switch on-off. no response to center/menu button reset. battery charges fine. good video, by the way!

Powerbook Medic

9 months ago
@Pamela - that is a weird one. I would say it is most likely a partially defective logic board issue if it works fine in the dock but won't sync to the computer. If the hard drive clicking is louder than usual, however, that's typically a sign of a failing hard drive.


9 months ago
Ipod Classic shuts on and off repeatedly. Just shows apple logo. I can hear it clicking but it won't display any menu or play at all on it's own. Won't show up in itunes when I hook it up to my computer but when I hook it up to my Memorex stereo with ipod dock it plays fine. What the heck?

Powerbook Medic

10 months ago
@chas - most likely a bad hard drive. Sometimes you can check it in disk utility even though it is not mounting properly to see if it is reporting any errors.
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