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iPod 5th Gen (A1136)

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 11/5/09
Description: This is an official Powerbookmedic.com Take-apart guide for the iPod 5th Gen also known as the iPod Video.
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Comments (193):

3 weeks ago
i have an ipod 5th gen a1136, it powers on fine it runs through the system reset fine as well but when i connect it to my pc itunes tells me it is currupt and that i need to restore it, so i do, it takes forever then restarts, when it does itunes does the same thing all over again telling me it is currput, what do i do?
3 months ago
is this logic board? connected to pc: ipod (A1136, 80 gb)shows in itunes, all files intact, all files play. disconnected from pc, menu window shows, but no response from click wheel; backlight only resumes when I click lock switch on-off. no response to center/menu button reset. battery charges fine. good video, by the way!
Powerbook Medic
6 months ago
@Pamela - that is a weird one. I would say it is most likely a partially defective logic board issue if it works fine in the dock but won't sync to the computer. If the hard drive clicking is louder than usual, however, that's typically a sign of a failing hard drive.
6 months ago
Ipod Classic shuts on and off repeatedly. Just shows apple logo. I can hear it clicking but it won't display any menu or play at all on it's own. Won't show up in itunes when I hook it up to my computer but when I hook it up to my Memorex stereo with ipod dock it plays fine. What the heck?
Powerbook Medic
8 months ago
@chas - most likely a bad hard drive. Sometimes you can check it in disk utility even though it is not mounting properly to see if it is reporting any errors.
8 months ago
Hi, i have an A1136 5th gen video & i can get it into disk mode by holding the select & play buttons down but my pc cant see it, even though it makes a noise when conected & disconected. most of the time the ipod shows the sad face & web address, any ideas?thanks
Powerbook Medic
8 months ago
@Ben - the screen sometimes goes out in lines when it suddenly loses battery power, so I would just start there and replace the battery.
Ben S.
8 months ago
My sister let me take apart her eight year old iPod today. It had died two years prior to this date, but she kept it anyway for sentimental reasons. I took it apart and everything looks fine (I have dealt with corroded logic boards before, so I know what damage can look like). She described that before the device completely died, it was not holding a charge, for this reason I suspect that the battery is the problem. However, she also described that the screen was glitching at the end of its life ("blackish/grayish" bars would run down the screen, then go away). Could this be a result of a logic board problem? or do you think that the battery dying created an imbalance of electricity in the logic board, creating glitches? Thank you! (sorry for the long post)
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