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iPod 5th Gen (A1136)

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 11/5/09
Description: This is an official Powerbookmedic.com Take-apart guide for the iPod 5th Gen also known as the iPod Video.
PDF Manual is also available

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Powerbook Medic
2 weeks ago
@Ben - the screen sometimes goes out in lines when it suddenly loses battery power, so I would just start there and replace the battery.
Ben S.
2 weeks ago
My sister let me take apart her eight year old iPod today. It had died two years prior to this date, but she kept it anyway for sentimental reasons. I took it apart and everything looks fine (I have dealt with corroded logic boards before, so I know what damage can look like). She described that before the device completely died, it was not holding a charge, for this reason I suspect that the battery is the problem. However, she also described that the screen was glitching at the end of its life ("blackish/grayish" bars would run down the screen, then go away). Could this be a result of a logic board problem? or do you think that the battery dying created an imbalance of electricity in the logic board, creating glitches? Thank you! (sorry for the long post)
Powerbook Medic
3 months ago
@Jacob - you will mainly want to make sure the battery cable is connected and isn't coming unplugged while you put the case back on. Most issues with these after disassembly are the cables not being seated properly.
3 months ago
The middle button on my girlfriend's iPod Video was stuck so we disassembled it, fixed the button, and put it back together but now it won't turn on. Checked the cables, tried all the reset tricks, etc but nothing worked. Any idea what could've gone wrong?
4 months ago
what is this nonsense? only questions. no proper answers.
Roy Johnson
7 months ago
what is the polarity of the battery
8 months ago
Hello! if my main board is damaged can I still be able to save my music from the ipod to my pc?
Powerbook Medic
10 months ago
@rizwan - not without some really good soldering skills.
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