This is a video manual for the 15" Aluminum Powerbook.

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11 months ago
My aluminum powerbook G4's battery died about a year ago, and I've put off getting another one. Just bought one from you, it said it charged up and had full battery, but the minute I unplugged the poweradapter, it said no low battery and then went to sleep. No matter how long I charge the battery, it still does this. Am I looking at a dead PRAM battery, or a dead Logic board? No other problems with the computer, despite it being a nine year old laptop!


1 year ago
Hello I have a problem powerbook g4 lights into the system but the black screen all the time gets ..


1 year ago
Do you sale dc in board for 15"power bookg4

Powerbook Medic

1 year ago
@Lizzie - check the color of your power adapter when you plug it in. If it doesn't light up, it is either a power adapter or dc-in board issue. If it does light up, take out the battery and see if the adapter is lit up green. If not, it may be the logic board.


1 year ago
Hi there, my PowerBook G4 seems to have died completely. I've tried rebooting after removing the PRAM battery with the power cable attached - nothing, I've tried doing a PMU reset - also nothing, not sure what to try? Do you think the PRAM battery just needs to be replaced?

Powerbook Medic

1 year ago
@Lisa - typically if it was a disconnected hard drive you'd get a blinking folder icon on the screen, but if you aren't getting anything except a lit up screen, that is usually going to be something with the LCD display cable either on the logic board side or on the back of the LCD panel itself.


1 year ago
I replaced the inverter in my g4. After reassembling the laptop (I did take the logic board because I thought I needed to then figured out I didn't) it comes on but the drive isn't coming on. Just a blank gray screen. I double checked all connections and everything is hooked up right. What could it be? By the way, I love the videos. Very helpful.


2 years ago
You guys are the best! My PowerBook fell off the counter and the screen broke. After hearing what it would cost at the Mac store I put in a box for almost a year. I stumbled across you website and saw I could get a screen for 39.99! And your videos are great. I just fixed my computer. Amazing! My super drive is making noise, I may be making another purchase. I can't say thank you enough.
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