This is a video manual for the 15" Aluminum Powerbook.


1 year ago
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Katie Cadet

2 years ago
Thanks for the instructions! I was hoping to repair my aluminum PowerBook G4's optical drive that was donated by an individual from Alberta, Canada last August. We bought it from your site and everything works as normal again. Again, Thanks a ton!


3 years ago
My aluminum powerbook G4's battery died about a year ago, and I've put off getting another one. Just bought one from you, it said it charged up and had full battery, but the minute I unplugged the poweradapter, it said no low battery and then went to sleep. No matter how long I charge the battery, it still does this. Am I looking at a dead PRAM battery, or a dead Logic board? No other problems with the computer, despite it being a nine year old laptop!


4 years ago
Hello I have a problem powerbook g4 lights into the system but the black screen all the time gets ..


4 years ago
Do you sale dc in board for 15"power bookg4

Powerbook Medic

4 years ago
@Lizzie - check the color of your power adapter when you plug it in. If it doesn't light up, it is either a power adapter or dc-in board issue. If it does light up, take out the battery and see if the adapter is lit up green. If not, it may be the logic board.


4 years ago
Hi there, my PowerBook G4 seems to have died completely. I've tried rebooting after removing the PRAM battery with the power cable attached - nothing, I've tried doing a PMU reset - also nothing, not sure what to try? Do you think the PRAM battery just needs to be replaced?

Powerbook Medic

4 years ago
@Lisa - typically if it was a disconnected hard drive you'd get a blinking folder icon on the screen, but if you aren't getting anything except a lit up screen, that is usually going to be something with the LCD display cable either on the logic board side or on the back of the LCD panel itself.
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