This is an official take-apart guide for the first generation iPod Nano.


4 months ago
Stay with this guys, you're heilnpg a lot of people.


2 years ago
my apple i pod is properly not working. that's model no is A1137. it's touch pad also not working, nothing is playing. what should i do? plz tell me..


2 years ago
plzzz tel me how to connect a1137 ipod to pc for adding songs in that


2 years ago
When I turn my ipod on on plugged charger it's white screen is seen nothing else Pl help me to start it ...

a mhesh

2 years ago
ihave my ipod not resrte


3 years ago
_hi ipod a1137 cant open without charger input...cant use it outside...

Powerbook Medic

3 years ago
@zeeshan - you will need to sync it up to itunes to reinstall software.


3 years ago
how to instal soft where instal in ipod
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