This is an official take-apart guide to the MacBook Pro 17" Unibody with model number A1297.


11 months ago
I have changed ram sticks many times in my macbook pro but this time while I tried to change the crucial memories I accidentally got it jammed (I did not fully insert it) and got stuck in place. How can I remove it without disassemble the logic board? Is there any replacement part for this broken bracket?

Powerbook Medic

13 months ago
@Jasper - Do you know if it is booting up but you just can't see anything? Like if you adjust the volume after a minute can you hear the volume sound? If so it is most likely an issue with your display, display cable, the connection to the logic board, or the GPU.


13 months ago
I replaced my A1297s logic board with a reconditioned one. I bought on eBay my idea was to then send you my logic board for repair so that I have a backup. But now the machine is not working. 1. When I press the power button it does not react at all - battery shows 3 green points. 2. When I connect power the machine gives Apple sound and fans start running. Battery shows it is charging. But no screen nothing. I do not just want to take everything out again in a mindless fashion. Any ideas where to search.


3 years ago
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Powerbook Medic

5 years ago
@Mauro - we have a separate video for the 13-inch glass and LCD removal. You can use that as a guide. It is similar.

Mauro Diaz @YoSoyElDiestro

5 years ago
How do I remove and replace the screen? Thx :D


5 years ago
I have a 17inch MacBook Pro. some water got in and now it won't turn on. Where do you recommend, getting a new board from? The battery meter shows full battery. When I press the power button, to computer does not do anything. Your help is greatly appreciated.


6 years ago
Guide neglects to mention anything about wireless card or the connector.
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