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MacBook Pro 17" (A1297)

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 10/23/09
Description: This is an official Powerbookmedic.com take-apart guide to the MacBook Pro 17" Unibody with model number A1297.

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Comments (56):

Powerbook Medic
7 months ago
@Mauro - we have a separate video for the 13-inch glass and LCD removal. You can use that as a guide. It is similar.
Mauro Diaz @YoSoyElDiestro
7 months ago
How do I remove and replace the screen? Thx :D
10 months ago
I have a 17inch MacBook Pro. some water got in and now it won't turn on. Where do you recommend, getting a new board from? The battery meter shows full battery. When I press the power button, to computer does not do anything. Your help is greatly appreciated.
1 year ago
Guide neglects to mention anything about wireless card or the connector.
Powerbook Medic
1 year ago
@Sunil - that would typically be an issue with the backup (PRAM) battery, but I believe on that model it is built into the main battery, so that may need to be replaced.
1 year ago
i have macbook pro A1297 its giving time and date error every time when i start computer have u any video where is coms battery in this model or how to solve this problem?
Powerbook Medic
1 year ago
@Joseph - read the previous comment by me.
1 year ago
Would u please show how to replace the led screen in this model
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