This is an official take-apart guide for the iPod Nano 5th Generation with built-in camera.

Powerbook Medic

3 months ago
@Itzel - you may want to check the connection of your click wheel and possibly replace it.


2 months ago
It won't let me scroll down up or switch songs

Estas online ?

4 months ago
@Luis -

Powerbook Medic

11 months ago
@Donald - I don't believe bluetooth was added until the 7th gen nanos.

Donald M Reader

11 months ago
Can I access Bluetooth thru my I-Pod Nano 5th Gen?

Powerbook Medic

11 months ago
@Joe - it can be the LCD cable needs to be reseated or it could be a bad LCD or even a bad logic board. I'd start with the cable, make sure it isn't torn anywhere, then start replacing parts if it is feasible.


11 months ago
The A1320 playes fine… wheel works but the screen does not display anything … it is lit white but nothing on screen. screen turns on and off but blank white… what is the problem? how to fix it?


1 year ago
seurity lock
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