This is an official take-apart manual for the 15" MacBook Pro Unibody with model number A1286. Be careful not to get this confused with the older non-Unibody model.

Brooke Steimel

3 months ago
@Chris - I have a A1286 2.63ghz mid 2009 MacBook Pro 15.4. Started off with a battery gone bad so I replaced it - worked for a few days and then nothing +then the cord did not show a light when plug in so I got another - then I came to your site and ordered the Mag Safe d c port and I used the video and replaced it. For a brief moment the light came on on the power cord the nothing. I have not been able to get it to power on with the on bottom at all. Nothing. I am currently unemployed and need it to apply for jobs and help my son + daughter with science fair projects - so I broke down to see what it would cost at the only place in town that will work on macs here that was recommended by the Apple Store. Well they were so rude - he told me he wasn't going to waste his time that it was too old and I should just get a new one or get a newer used one from him, but this is the first problem I have had since I got it 8.5yrs ago. Plus I have seen a lot of people say that they love their older models for the fact they can upgrade them. Need your advice - Now I have upgraded the ram to 8gb now which has made it somewhat faster before it quit the last time.


8 months ago
Need bracket that goes on top of lcd that makes clutch bar close when closing lid


8 months ago


1 year ago
I think this video is for a different model. My A1286 has a single piece for the bottom, not the separate pieces.


1 year ago
My mid 2010 macbook pro 15.4 will start up with no desktop for 5 seconds and then it will click and shut down. Is this a battery problem or motherboard?


1 year ago
Hi, I am looking to rePlace the toP case keyboard assembly on my late 2008 15" unibody since the 0, P, semicolon, forward slash, and enter keys are not working and the track Pad only clicks in certain areas. My question is for the install on this, is it necessary to do a comPlete disassemble as in the video. Thank you.

Powerbook Medic

1 year ago
@luca - yes they use the same part.


1 year ago
Hi, I'm trying to replace the keyboard on a MacBook Pro late 2008 a1286. I've found a keyboard that fits the early 2009, can I use it?
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