This is an official take-apart guide for the Kindle Touch with model number D01200.


1 week ago
@Rob - Power on/off button at the bottom does not semm to be working. What can I do ?


2 weeks ago
@Chris - Yes, fantastic video and did not have to completely take apart but now working again. Thank you


2 months ago
hi having trouble getting to recharge USB cable doesn't seem to be making a connection. Which part is this incorporated in or is there an easy way to fix it.


5 months ago
Thanks for the video, mine didn't start because the case button didn't reach the board button, so i had to add a little piece of paper between case and board to make it work again.


8 months ago
Home button does not work. Any suggestions on which part to organise or whether I can troubleshoot without too much hassle?


10 months ago
Awesome awesome video. No working power button and then with these instructions, it works. Thanks much.

Powerbook Medic

1 year ago
@Mountain Mama - it sounds like you may need to. The button may be bad or disconnected.

Mountain Mama

1 year ago
I put in a new battery and ever since then, my Kindle Touch 5 button won't work. I've taken the battery out twice and waited a few minutes, then reinstalled. No luck. Will disassembling fix this problem? The only way I can get out of sleep mode is to plug it I not my computer for a few minutes, eject, then it works until it goes back into sleep mode again and I have to start all over with the computer. If this will work, I'm ready to try it but wanted to check with you guys first.
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