This is an official take-apart guide for the Kindle Touch with model number D01200.


2 months ago
@NerdBoy - do you have to buy a new motherboard and display after you separate the wires?


3 months ago
wonderful repair guide.THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


7 months ago
my kindle will not open, it just keeps saying that it is starting up and it's been doing this for about 10 hours now!


9 months ago
Good day to you friends! Kindle Touch - Button Home does not work, help is needed! Tell me how to fix it?


10 months ago
Non-functional power button (USB ok). Followed your disassembly instructions, cleaned it all, reassembled. One fully functional Kindle. Thank you!!!!


1 year ago
Thanks, this gives me the confidence to fix the 'old girl' and get another 250 books out of her. She has performed well here in tropical Australia.I'll let you know how it went when the new screen is in.


1 year ago
@Dilip - My power button isn't working. It doesn't flash green even though the kindle is full charged. Can this be fixed?


1 year ago
@Rob - Power on/off button at the bottom does not semm to be working. What can I do ?
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