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Amazon Kindle Touch

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 8/24/12
Description: This is an official Powerbookmedic.com take-apart guide for the Kindle Touch with model number D01200.

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Comments (20):

5 months ago
Ok , mine was the same as Stephens's , disassembled , cleaned contacts even though they looked clean , reassembled and all ok
5 months ago
Powerbook Medic
5 months ago
@Chris - almost a complete disassembly I believe.
5 months ago
The power button on mine stopped working , how far do I have to strip it to access it ?
Powerbook Medic
5 months ago
@kuechler - just follow along until you can take the battery out, then just go backwards from there. No need for a full disassembly.
5 months ago
Do I have to disassemble the entire Kindle to replace the battery?
5 months ago
I just repaired my Kindle D01200 (suitcase fell on the screen). Used this video for the take apart and just reversed the steps to put it back once I got the replacement, but it works great now. Thanks!
6 months ago
Power button stopped working on the unit, opened the device made sure there is no issue with residue on the contact points of the cable connected on the screen assembly to 4 points onto the motherboard. Screwed everything back together and the button worked perfectly again. Perhaps bad assemble in factory?
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