This is an official take-apart guide for the Kindle 2 with model number D00511.

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3 months ago
Hurray Jeremy & Mark! Got it on my 4th try too! It's that ribbon cable for the display (widest of the four). Keep applying firm but gentle pressure with very, very slight side-to-side motion. After about 30-45 seconds of this, the ribbon slid in until the white line was even with the connector. Got her Kindle 2 working again and she loves it!


9 months ago
found the video very helpful except it did not show how to remove or re-install the screen, which was my reason for taking the unit apart. Thanks to this forum, I got through it so far. Fingers crossed.

Powerbook Medic

10 months ago
@brad - that is typically the battery, but could also be the motherboard.


10 months ago
I can't get mine to turn on


1 year ago
Look, I never comment on these things, but after 12 (YES 12) tries, the trick was to do just like Mark Simpson said - ATTACH THE CABLE BEFORE REPLACING THE STEEL TRAY!! I let out an audible gasp when the cable finally seated all the way - the white line had been lined up with the text on the Mboard below, but when it finally seated right it went ALL THE WAY to the flipped down connector. Maybe a hair worth of space, but really - it goes in farther than you think it does. And the only way I got enough leverage and the right angle was to do it with the screen and motherboard laid out *next* to each other. Then, once it seats, flip the latch, then fold the screen over into the tray on the other side and replace the steel frame. Go from there. Thanks!


1 year ago
@mmt Thanks for the report back, that darn screen ribbon just did not want to seat. @Powerbook Medic, thanks for the new(used) screen and tutorial! If only I found this place before I bought a new one. :P


1 year ago
The USB charging port on mine is broken. Can I replace just that or do I have to replace the whole mother board?


1 year ago
Sandra's comment is invaluable - I should have read it before putting the cover back on.
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