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iPhone 4S (A1387)

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 10/19/11
Description: This is the official Powerbookmedic.com take-apart guide for the iPhone 4S.

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Comments (33):

Powerbook Medic
4 months ago
@Shay - we sell it in the tools list to the right. It should be called the iPhone 4 TORX Plus 5 Pentalobe.
3 months ago
What is the name and size of the screwdriver for the first two screws that come out? Thank You
Jukka Nevavuo
4 months ago
Nice video. I changed the front and back glass but one small component is mysteriously left over and can not find a place for that :-) Can not find it from the video either. Can you guide me to find an explosion pic from the iPone 4S
Powerbook Medic
4 months ago
@soph - it really depends on the extent of the liquid damage. You will probably end up having to replace the logic board.
4 months ago
mine feel down the toilet and i dried it of and that and i eventualy got it working yesterday for a bit then it turns itself of and i try to plug it in and that and turn it on and off the apple sign comes up but then it just goes blank i always get messages and phone calls its just the scream would it help to gdt a prefesional to fix it?
Kenny E
4 months ago
All I needed was a clue as to how battery's are changed. You clearly covered that within the first minute, so I've not viewed the rest of the video. So...thanks for the quick, clear instruction.
6 months ago
the video is dark and shitty hard to see
9 months ago
I pad model noa1387forgote the passward so how cani oppen the this phone...plz help me...
10 months ago
blank screen but functions
Ashu rock
13 months ago
Hi i am ashu i did,t my phone code
11 months ago
Shane !! Gets some manners son and ask nicely then maybe people will respond !!!
1 year ago
Get your hands out of the way or move the camera where all disassembly/reassembly can be CLEARLY seen.
Powerbook Medic
1 year ago
@adam - if you can't restore it in recovery mode, it is most likely a logic board issue.
1 year ago
iphone in recovery mode , and apple log flashing it cant be restored give me many errors thanks
Powerbook Medic
1 year ago
@sayang - you can restore your iphone by connecting it to iTunes. You may need to put the phone in DFU mode.
sayang maya
1 year ago
I pad model noa1387forgote the passward so how cani oppen the this phone
anil india hyderabad
1 year ago
I phone4s A1387 model new phone not charaging why please help me out
1 year ago
hi, my fone is sating sim locked but no sim in it as ive just bought it, will it need unlocking plz, ty
1 year ago
The power button is stuck in the depressed position on my iPhone 4S. What is the repair procedure?
Powerbook Medic
1 year ago
@Jester - sure. you only need to stay with the same carrier type.
1 year ago
Can an iphone 4s logic array be swapped to a larger size ? Example a 4s 16gb to 32gb
murad khan
1 year ago
ai want new iphone id
Powerbook Medic
1 year ago
@Tom - we sell an EMI Shield Kit in the part list to the right. You can see if the one you need is in that picture.
Tom D
1 year ago
Hello! Thanks for the awesome video. Excellent quality!! I have one question. I am missing the EMI shield that pinches between the battery connection & Antenna connector. Is this shield absolutely necessary? What issues may I came across if I don't replace it. I have not had any luck locating a replacement. Thank You in advance and have a great New Year Holiday! TOM D
Powerbook Medic
1 year ago
@Nicholas - there isn't a good way. You can sometimes separate the casing enough to get at the sim card from the inside.
1 year ago
Hi, I enjoyed your video and used it as a guide to dismantle an iPhone 4S 1387A. Have you any idea how to remove a sim card from the sim card bay when the release does not work when I use the hole and a pin? I tried dismantling but can not remove the board without removing the sim card first like your video showed.
Powerbook Medic
1 year ago
@za - you should see the hole on the outside for the sim card tray. you can use a paperclip or sim card removal tool to pop the tray out.
za mengal
1 year ago
how can i insert a sim card in my iphone a1387
1 year ago
The screwdriver size I think is not Philips0 (zero) as mentionend in the video but rather the even smaller Philips 00 (zero zero). Very helpfull video. Keep it up.
2 years ago
i droped my white 4S and cracked the front and back glass and even though it worked 100% i hated how it looked so i purchased a blue housing to have a different looking iphone than a typical black or white. i found this video on youtube and watched it fully probably ten times for it was the first time ever opening an iphone of the 4 series. i followed this video step by step and it was very helpful especially with the tech describing every part. my 4S looks very nice in its blue housing and is working 100%. these guys are amazing professionals. thank you very much for this helpful video. great job
sanke raghu
2 years ago
My mobile disply glass
Powerbook Medic
2 years ago
@mani - click the box that says Select a video to download.
2 years ago
i like it and its really very helpful.. but i am not able to download this vedio.. can u plz tell me how to download..?# thanks
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