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iPhone 4S (A1387)

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 10/19/11
Description: This is the official Powerbookmedic.com take-apart guide for the iPhone 4S.

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Powerbook Medic
6 months ago
@Shay - we sell it in the tools list to the right. It should be called the iPhone 4 TORX Plus 5 Pentalobe.
5 months ago
What is the name and size of the screwdriver for the first two screws that come out? Thank You
Jukka Nevavuo
6 months ago
Nice video. I changed the front and back glass but one small component is mysteriously left over and can not find a place for that :-) Can not find it from the video either. Can you guide me to find an explosion pic from the iPone 4S
Powerbook Medic
6 months ago
@soph - it really depends on the extent of the liquid damage. You will probably end up having to replace the logic board.
6 months ago
mine feel down the toilet and i dried it of and that and i eventualy got it working yesterday for a bit then it turns itself of and i try to plug it in and that and turn it on and off the apple sign comes up but then it just goes blank i always get messages and phone calls its just the scream would it help to gdt a prefesional to fix it?
Kenny E
6 months ago
All I needed was a clue as to how battery's are changed. You clearly covered that within the first minute, so I've not viewed the rest of the video. So...thanks for the quick, clear instruction.
9 months ago
the video is dark and shitty hard to see
11 months ago
I pad model noa1387forgote the passward so how cani oppen the this phone...plz help me...
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