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Your Mac. Our Patient.

At PowerbookMedic.com, we treat each customer and each Mac like a patient. We understand the importance your Mac in your life as they are equally important in our own lives. Whether your Mac is sick or healthy, we hope you choose us to be its doctor.
-Bradley W.
Founder and Owner
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24 -48 Hour Turn Around * 1 Year Warranty
The cost for any repair is our flat labor fee + part cost.
(Titanium Hinge Repair Prices include part cost.)
Flat labor pricing depends on your product model.
Macbook Pro, MacBook Repair
Powerbook G4 Aluminum
iBook G4, iBook G3
Powerbook G4 Titanium
Powerbook G3
Clamshell iBook G3
iPod Repair (all models)
iPhone Repair (including camera removal)
Apple TV
Titanium G4 Hinge Repair (one hinge)
We use steel hinges. Click for Info
Titanium G4 Hinge Repair (both hinges)
We use steel hinges. Click for Info

* Typical Turnaround time is 24-48 hours. This is from the time we receive the unit to the time the repair is complete and payment instructions sent. If a part is out of stock, typical turn around time will not apply, and the customer will be notified of any delays.

1. Request a Quote: Click Here to receive a free no obligation quote for the repair or upgrade of your powerbook or iBook
2. Send Your Unit In: Package up your unit and send the unit in for repair or upgrade. For all of the information on sending your unit in, click here.
3. Pay for the Repair: Pay for the Repair at our online store or by phone after the repair has been completed. Your unit will then be immediately processed for return shipment. Click Here for detail.