This is a video manual for the 17" Aluminum Powerbook.


10 months ago
Hi, I bought a 1 GHZ 17" PowerBook for $20 and it does not have RAM..I powered up the laptop and there is no video display. Does the laptop need RAM in order to display video, or is it a video card issue. I am planning on buying it from this website but don't want to spend the money on RAM if the problem doesn't have to do with RAM. Thanks


11 months ago
I'm trying to find where the Hall sensor (lid close sleep sensor) is on the A1139 (DLSD/Hi-Res 17" PowerBook G4). The magnet is along the top edge of the display a couple of inches from the left edge, but I don't see anything in the case indicating the board. Any idea where it is? Thanks.

Powerbook Medic

2 years ago
@nosound - if it lets you adjust the volume, it may just be a speaker issue. You may want to go inside and reseat the connections. Otherwise, I'd start by replacing the sound board.

No sound guy

2 years ago
I am looking at you video on sound repair because i have none on my 17" g4. I went into setting and adjusted the sound but still no sound. I am not certain whether it is the card or the assembly, how can i determine this?

Blair Carmichael

2 years ago
Its alive! You helped me save may PowerBook G4!

Powerbook Medic

3 years ago
@Luis - the small little nub is only available on new keyboards. if you still have it you can glue it back in place as a temporary fix, otherwise you'll need to buy a replacement keyboard.

Luis Villar

3 years ago
Hi, I have a Ibook G4 but my space keytap broke and the little gummy thing below the key broked. What Should I Do? Give me Advices!!!!! PLEASEEE!!!!!!

Happy Powerbook customer

3 years ago
Just bought and installed a 1.67 low res logic board from these guys... at a very reasonable cost I might add... And it works like a charm! First boot! Sweet... Thanks guys especially for your repair videos... Much appreciated!
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