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Reset iPod Video Guide

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 5/4/10
Description: This is a video guide on how to reset iPods for the various models with clickwheels.

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Comments (4):

Powerbook Medic
2 years ago
@Frank - if nothing comes up when you plug it up to a computer, you may have a dead LCD or logic board.
Frank Lawson
2 years ago
I have tryed to reset, but the display is dead. How do I recharge the battery ?
Powerbook Medic
3 years ago
@simon - you can try resetting it like in the video and then doing down and select to go into disk mode. With this you can hook it up to your computer and see if the hard drive is having problems in disk utility.
simon boardman
3 years ago
tryed to reset ipod but just keeps on going onto support/ipod mode can you help.
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