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MacBook 13" (A1342)

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 1/13/10
Description: This is an official Powerbookmedic.com manual for the polycarbonate Unibody MacBook.

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Powerbook Medic
2 months ago
@Michael - about all it can be is the LCD cable unless the logic board was damaged during the repair, so I'd start by reseating and checking the cables.
1 month ago
I replaced the keyboard/bottom case because the keyboard was not working. Now, the screen is not working. What do you think could be the problem?
Powerbook Medic
5 months ago
@Moonstruck, it can be underneath the drive or on the bottom side of the logic board.
4 months ago
Is the pram battery mounted below the super drive? I am trying to fid a pram battery for macbook A1342. Please help. GREAT VIDEO ,Best yet!!!!
Powerbook Medic
5 months ago
@fadhly - the foam should just peel off if you hold down the cable securely. for the connector, you would need to solder it back. We offer a logic board repair service in the Send-in Mac Service dropdown or you can replace the board.
5 months ago
I've got 2 problem. i would like to change my logic board but then i got stuck in disconnecting the lcd because unlike in your video there's a foam covering it. secondly i mistaken the way i supposed to disconnect the rear speaker cable(it supposed to leave some kind of a socket that connected to the circuit but apparently i took it off too!! soldiering it would be impossible because the circuit is too small... HELP!!)
7 months ago
hi my macbook late 2009 is keep shuting down randomly with or without the ac adaptor connected. but i notice when the ac cord is connected the lit is orange.. and when the macbook shutdown by its own the led light turns to GREEN at the same time.. its always like that never go wrong.. is there any part replace to fix the problem..? thank you mch..!
8 months ago
What size is the tri-wing screwdriver needed? I have 2 screwdriver sets and all the ones I have are too big.
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