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iPod Nano 4th Gen (A1285)

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 12/17/09
Description: This is an official Powerbookmedic.com take-apart guide to the 4th Generation iPod Nano.

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Comments (116):

9 months ago
My iPod 4th Generation 4GB Model 1285, isn't at all turning-on even after charging for Hrs. While in the past it was working properly, Could anyone advice, what I have to do to make it work again as it use to be. Since I am attached to:I bought it to listen and my "Quran", and even learning foreign languages such as Svenska!
10 months ago
my ipod nano 8 gb model a1285 is working only when i connect to a plug source. otherwise it doesn't on at all. wat is the problem
11 months ago
Ipod Nano 4th generation screen is stuck on okay to disconnect. My nephew tripped over the wire when in the computer Now my computer doesn't recognize the device. I can't live w/o my music. Please help.
11 months ago
Dropped it and now the screen is white. I can still listen to music but its very difficult since I cant see what I am picking...any suggestions?
1 year ago
The LCD screen only works when the the ipod is locked, any suggestions?
Powerbook Medic
1 year ago
@mark - it sounds like a battery issue.
mark likens
1 year ago
I pod works when plugged in but not alone what's wrong????
Powerbook Medic
1 year ago
@Dyanne - it could be as simple as the clickwheel has come unplugged, most possible case the casing with clickwheel would have to be replaced, worst case the logic board is damaged around that clickwheel connector.
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