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iPod Mini 2nd Gen (A1051)

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 11/20/09
Description: This is an official Powerbookmedic.com take-apart video for the 2nd generation iPod Mini.

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Comments (10):

Powerbook Medic
2 years ago
@donald - you can request a repair quote using the Send-in Mac Repair link above and our techs will try to figure out what you need.
donald C
2 years ago
The video is great but I didn't see a trouble shooting guide to tell me what parts I may need to replace
2 years ago
Excellent tutorial very explicative, thanks for the information
Powerbook Medic
2 years ago
@mest - I would check the headphone jack connection and see if it is damaged or if the socket on the logic board is damaged.
2 years ago
i tried changing the battery on my ipod without realising that the audio jack is connected to the motherboard. After i tried fixing it back together and tried playing it, theres no sound coming out of it. Any ideas to solve this issue?
2 years ago
Hey how do i get my ipod mini to on windows media player
Powerbook Medic
3 years ago
@lionthefly - i would reset it with iTunes if you haven't already just to rule out a software issue.
3 years ago
Really informative video. Thanks. I have this ipod but it won't turn on anymore, unless I reset it each time by pressing center button and menu button for 20 seconds or so. Takes a couple of tries usually. Any ideas?
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