This is an official take-apart guide for the Power Mac G5.

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Powerbook Medic

1 year ago
@james - not that I'm aware of.


1 year ago
did you guys remove some of the videos?


1 year ago
These videos are very well done, with the exception that the technician does not always point out clearly the locations of the screws he is removing.


2 years ago
Excellent video. Thank you!


3 years ago
Very helpful. Thanks for making this.


3 years ago
Well...I get nothing! All I hear is a couple of clicks (very minimal in noise) but that is only when I plug the power cord to the mac..pressing the power on button does not turn anything at all. Logic board diagnostics lights are not on. I tested the back up battery, still gives more than 3.5 v.. Resetting the PMU does not do anything at all...So, now my question is: how do I test the Power Supply unit (pins) I see a lot of testing on different power supply units, but not on a 1000-watts for this Power mac late 2005 model.This model has two molex pins (P1 is 6 pins and P2 is 10 pins)...I bought this used power supply (not from here) and I've only have a couple of days left on the warranty, so I just want to check it and make sure if it was faulty to begin with...or maybe I need a logic board...thanks
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