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iPod Touch 2nd Gen (A1288)

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 11/4/09
Description: This is an official Powerbookmedic.com take-apart video for the iPod Touch 2nd Gen with model number A1288.

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Comments (276):

2 months ago
divice hange
Powerbook Medic
5 months ago
@kasim - it could be the LCD cable, the LCD itself, or a low possibility of being the logic board.
4 months ago
when i strt my ipod only white screen coming.. What should I do..
Powerbook Medic
7 months ago
@Gia - most likely yes. You can see if you can clean out the dock connector or if you are handy you can open it up and see if the docking cable has been disconnected, but that would possibly require some soldering to fix.
Powerbook Medic
7 months ago
@Henry - you really should have iTunes if you own an iPod. You can download it from Apple's website.
7 months ago
Hope you can help with my problem - just got a 2nd gen & it won't charge. Charger works with my 3rd gen, so it's not that. Tried resetting the 2nd, but that didn't work. The computer doesn't recognize it when connected either - do I need a new logic board? Thanks!
6 months ago
Pls i don't have iTunes on my system and i mistakenly restore my iPod so now it's asking me too plug iTunes pls how am i going to solve this problem and is there any link that i can click on direct that is going to automatically download it on my system ???pls
9 months ago
you guys are the best. .............
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