This is a video manual for the Intel iMac with model number A1224.


Donat Merlevede

8 years ago
Hi, for iMac 8.1 model A1224 with defect ODD. Is it really necessary to remove the logic board in order to replace the Optical Disk Drive, please? Or can i just replace that peace right away after removing the display. Thanks in advance, Kind regards, Donat Merlevede

Powerbook Medic

9 years ago
@Joe - we do not, unfortunately. it is fairly tricky so we just sell the stand still attached to the rear housing.


9 years ago
Do you all have instructions that detail removal of the stand? In other models, there appears to be a latch button that you use a plastic card to remove, but I can not feel the latch in the 20" model. Thanks!

Powerbook Medic

9 years ago
@Jose - it might be best to take it somewhere to be diagnosed. It'd be a headache to figure it out testing one part at a time.

Jose Carrillo

9 years ago
Hi guys !! Please help.. My iMac A1224 EMC2133 has stop working Now it shows black screen I open it up And 3 out of 4 leds light up wit solid green (The first three) (4th is off all the time) When i turn it on i can hear chime And fan works Also, it fail to pass the external LCD test All LCD cable connections are connected I dont have ALL PARTS to test it out Please help me isolate the hardware failure thank you very much

Carlos H

9 years ago
Superb ! This technician is máster class. Very, very helpful. Congratulations !


9 years ago
supper guru


10 years ago
GREAT video! Very helpful to me in replacing my power supply. 10 STARS!!!
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