This guide is for the MacBook Air.

Tariq Naeem

6 months ago
A1237 MacBook air ... when power on ... beeps every 5 sec and no display ... what is the reason ... plz guide for solution.


2 years ago
To long info untuk service tombol keyboard MacBook Air, (notasi = commando), patah

Andy Kopac

2 years ago
Some things I have found that make this much easier are to use a credit card instead of a blade to separate the bezel from the screan so you don't damage the rubber trim. Also put a piece of cardboard over the screen and heat the bezel with a hair drier before attempting to remove it. Heat away from the screen.


2 years ago
Hi I am working on a MacBook Air (late 2008, A-1304). I need to remove the audio cable which is a flat ribbon cable. Have unplugged it at both ends. It appears to be glued (?) in place on the upper case (metal) and the back of the keyboard (flexible plastic). How do I remove without damaging ribbon cable and the back of keyboard? Hair dryer to heat up? Use a spudge? with heat? Thanks


2 years ago
Do you sell just the hinge clutch (lower half) side of the hinge? Would that make repair easier by not having to remove the lcd bezel? It looks like you could just slide the lower half of the hinge onto the upper hinge post while the upper hinge is still attached to the lcd.

Powerbook Medic

2 years ago
@linda - once you get the display off, the clutch cover should slide off sideways.


2 years ago
how do i remove and replace the long grey cover over the hinges thanks

Powerbook Medic

3 years ago
@Douglas - it should stick back on if there is enough adhesive and the bezel was not bent too badly during removal. sometimes additional adhesive may need to be added.
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