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DualDrive Demo

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 9/29/09
Description: This is a demo of our DualDrive product that allows for up to 1.5TB in a Mac laptop.

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Comments (55):

11 months ago
Hello. I have a powerbook g4 and when I install the 2nd hdd in the optical bay none of the hard drives are found. Just a blank screen. Can you help?
Powerbook Medic
2 years ago
@Brendan - installing a dualdrive is just like installing a replacement optical drive. You may find more info on that on your model's own repair guide.
2 years ago
No video for the installation on a unibody mac?
2 years ago
@Powerbook Medic - Thanks for you reply, I've figured out the problem. The HDD's 3Gbit SATA was apparently to fast for the IDE/PATA connection in the computer. So I placed a jumper on the HDD which has slowed down the speed to 1,5Gbit/s.. This seems to do the trick.. Regards Mads
2 years ago
I try many times. Thank you,
Powerbook Medic
2 years ago
@Jimmy - try the dualdrive one more time and confirm it still doesn't work. If it doesn't, it may be defective.
2 years ago
Hi There, Thank you for replied, I put DVD drive and optical drive back as original, MBP is working fine, can you tell me what is wrong? Thank you,...Jimmy
Powerbook Medic
2 years ago
@Jimmy - i'd hook back up your optical drive and make sure it still gets detected fine. if yes, try the dualdrive one more time and if it still doesn't work, it may be a faulty dualdrive. If the optical drive doesn't work, it would be either the optical drive cable or the port on the logic board.
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