This is an official take-apart guide for the MacBook Air 13" released in Mid 2012.



2 years ago
You did not finish the disassembly - you stopped at the display module. How is this disassembled?


6 years ago
I am a tech working on a Macbook Air 2015 model and I finally got everything working except specific keys on the keyboard. I checked under keys and there is no dirt or spills. Not sure what could be causing the issue I've also reset the NVRAM and SS and no dice. Could it be the Flex ribbon or is there another step I may have missed?


6 years ago
Water speed MacBook Air 2015 on the repair damage logic board


6 years ago
my mac book air has back light problem i inspect the board the connector and the components are clean and fine the back light ic has the continuity . what can i do to fix this problem

Powerbook Medic

7 years ago
@Jonathan - You can speak to our techs by clicking on the Send-in Repair link at the top of our page.


7 years ago
Have 13"3 MacBook Air laptop 2015, juice liquid spill in the keyboard. need to find how the cost to repair before sending the Laptop? thank you. Jonathan G.


7 years ago
my macbook AIR suddenly shutdown problem

Powerbook Medic

8 years ago
@don - A liquid spill can damage everything depending on the location and severity of the spill.
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