This is an official take-apart guide for the MacBook Pro 13-inch released in Mid 2014 with model number A1502.


6 months ago
Two of the SMD components fried on the Logic Board they have this written on them: R40 515 Z5J Anyone know what that is and where I can get 2 from please?


7 months ago
In my Mac book Pro keyboard and Track pad not working, What could be the problem???

Paul Saari

1 year ago
Our A1502 wasn't charging, followed take apart video, battery now charges,but still can't get the unit to boot up, any suggestions?

Powerbook Medic

2 years ago
@Lawrence - it really depends on your experience. A trained tech can replace the complete display in 15 min or the LCD itself in about 40 min. If it is your first time, much longer.


2 years ago
how long should it take to replace only the screen on this?

Powerbook Medic

2 years ago
@Lance - Apple sells the top case with the battery already attached. No need to remove it.


2 years ago
Interesting... a take-aprt that does not remove the battery?

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