This is the official take-apart guide for the iMac 21.5" with model number A1418.

Gordon Fielden

11 months ago
Hi Guys, At 7.31 on the Video you remove the speaker which has the power on connection lead, but you seem to miss a part out. I've removed mine and the cable comes out for the power on switch, but looks like it should of stayed on ( i.e it's solder on ) in the video you seam to jump that part with the lead. Now I don't know if I broken it or its just suppose to be lose. Help as I'll have problem rebuilding it if the power on switch doesn't work


1 year ago
I have an mk442ll/a model a1418 where can I purchase just glass panel

LLoyd Cole

3 years ago
Excellent video - cant wait to see more take apart. One that baffles me is how to take apart the front glass panel from LCD display assembly - is it possible for this model? A4181 EMC255

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