This is an official repair guide for the iPad mini.

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3 months ago
My ipad apple a1432 was not switching on.what shall I can I remove the back cover of send mail to


4 months ago
So... What was repaired?? Just looks like to destroyed that iPad to me?!

Keith S

8 months ago
Great, just what i needed, thanks guys.


8 months ago
In response to the person who asked why no one shows how to replace the charging port - You can't. It is soldered to the logic board. You have to replace the entire logic board with charging port attached. It's an expensive repair.


9 months ago
Video not working


11 months ago


13 months ago
like it


13 months ago
The one thing they forgot to show is disconnecting the battery first! Not disconnecting the batter on an iPad mini can cause the backlight fuse to blow! Make sure to disconnect the batter before disconnecting ANY other component on the mini!
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