This is an official repair guide for the iPhone 5.


2 years ago
Very nice & thank you to support the repair.

kamal sharma

3 years ago
how can i see difference in 64 gb or 16 gb board of iphone5

Peter West

3 years ago
Excellent illustrative, step-by-step video on the i5!

Abdul Wajidh

3 years ago
most important website and videos. thanx


4 years ago


4 years ago

Powerbook Medic

4 years ago
@Rachel - I wouldn't recommend it.. it doesn't go back on well.

Rachel Lewis

4 years ago
Great video, good pacing and no silly repetitive background music. Can the shielding on the logic board be removed to allow cleaning?

Shaun H

4 years ago
Is there an iPhone 5 glass screen piece that comes separate from the LCD and Digitizer assembly? I don't neccessarily mean available from here only, but in general. I only see the assembly here, but I just have a broken screen.


4 years ago
This good vedio
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