This is an official repair guide for the Mid 2012 MacBook Pro 15".


10 months ago
Why no instructions for removing and reinstalling the keyboard? Mine needs to be cleaned (Coca Cola spill made the keys sticky).


1 year ago
Thank you for posting this video. Very helpful to have a complete disassembly and re-assembly on video.


1 year ago
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Paul Moore

2 years ago
No you will have to remove the rear panel shown in video and than all connecting cables to the logicboard (motherboard) they are: bluetooth, wifi, & camera on far left and center left respectively and the LDVS cable on the right. This is if held in the perspective that the battery and hard drive are toward you. MAKE SURE MACHINE IS POWERED OFF and battery cable is disconnected before disconnecting any cables. There are 2 wire guides that keep these cables in place remove those and you will see the hinges holding the upper display assembly to the lower Assembly I believe torx T8. Remove these and the upper and lower will be detached you can next separate the parts and slide off the old clutch and replace with the new. If this video disassembles the whole mac Watch it. if you dont have another device to watch the video at the same time as you do the work I find a picture taken before you remove parts and cables is a big help as you reassemble. Take the time to watch the video first. Writing it out makes it seem much more complex then it is.


2 years ago
Do i need to remove the logic board in order to replace the clutch cover?

Powerbook Medic

3 years ago
@Shally - yes the logic board and motherboard are the same.


3 years ago
Looking o purchase inexpensive Macbook pro motherboard and instructions on how to repair. Isvablogic board the same thing and s motherboard?


3 years ago
Took about the mac pro a1286. Put the new keyboard on. Reassembleld, but turn on and I hear the fans but no display.
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