This is an official Take-apart guide for the iPod Touch 5th Gen.


5 months ago
@Powerbook Medic -

Powerbook Medic

7 months ago
@taufik - if you have forgotten your password, you'll need to sync it up to your computer to reset it. This may require erasing the iPod.

taufik hidayat

8 months ago
Help me,i'm forget my pasword.


10 months ago
Help!!! How does one know whether it's the battery or the hard drive that my 160 Ipod doesn't work

Powerbook Medic

10 months ago
@Hi - the battery is soldered to the logic board so it isn't something we cover in this video as it does require some expertise. If you don't have any soldering experience, I would recommend having it done professionally or replacing the logic board.

Hi, what about battery removing?

10 months ago
There is nothing about dissembling battery and placing new one.

Powerbook Medic

11 months ago
@Christopher - it is hard to say. It could be a faulty battery getting too hot or some of the chips on the logic board are coming loose.


11 months ago
My Ipod Touch 5th gen is having overheating issues. Any idea what may be the cause of this right off hand?
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