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iPod touch 5th Gen (A1421)

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 10/16/12
Description: This is an official Powerbookmedic.com Take-apart guide for the iPod Touch 5th Gen.

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Comments (14):

2 months ago
it can't on when charging
mariela quiroz
5 months ago
este modelo cuenta con gps?
Powerbook Medic
5 months ago
@Ben - no there is not.
Ben S.
5 months ago
Is there a deal where you can get all the parts for this iPod for a discounted package price, then assemble the whole thing yourself? I have computer know-how, and would rather build one myself for cheap then spend money at the store. Thanks!
5 months ago
I have a bent rear casing on my 64 gb ipod 5, is there a way to repair/replace this?
6 months ago
ramesh kumar
9 months ago
my beast ipod
Frank cardona
11 months ago
I need a rear camera at a good price . The Lcd frame bezel I need also because it's Missing a small peace . Every time I snap the Lcd it pops back up because it's misting a peace of the frame . U know any one with parts Or selling parts. Frankcardona695@yahoo.com
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