This is an official take-apart guide for the Kindle Touch with model number D01200.


3 weeks ago
@jim - You don't have to worry about that. There are just a couple volts running in there, not enough to damage anything. You just open the back and remove the battery, that's it.


3 months ago
Followed the video until the part where I had access to the connector for the power button in the back of the device. Used iso to clean contacts. Now power button works like a charm.


3 months ago
yeah this thing didn't work did exactly what you said! thanks for breaking my kindle!!


3 months ago
@Jane - if your power button was broken how did you power it off to do the take apart?


6 months ago
Taking it apart and putting it back together actually fixed my broken power button. My kindle touch works now! Video was very detailed and easy to follow.


11 months ago
Dropped my Kindle for the nth time, and this time it didn't recover. Using this video, I removed the battery and was able to figure out that the battery wasn't the problem. Deduced that it was a problem with the power button, so followed the steps to get down to the power button, wiggled the frame around a little, and now it's working! Thanks! Didn't have to remove the 3G assembly or the battery for my particular fix.

A tom

1 year ago
I dropped my kindle and neither the power or home buttons would work. I went through disassembling my kindle through the various stages, cleaning connections along the way. Nothing seemed to work until I unplugged the display cable from the motherboard (which I forgot to plug back in until I got to the last step of re-assembling). Unfortunately, that step removed all the categories and folders I had created for my massive library, but I suppose that's a small price to pay for a functioning Kindle. Thanks for the video tutorial! A+


1 year ago
@NerdBoy - do you have to buy a new motherboard and display after you separate the wires?
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