The official take-apart guide for the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.


9 months ago
@jim c - I have taken my kindle apart to replace charging port and when removing the damaged charging port the pads on the board were removed along with the damaged one is there a way to repair that? I can see 4 on there partial yet the 5th is not there.

mary dale

11 months ago
My Kindle Fire screen remains dark and unresponsive after losing charge and trying to recharge overnight. Green charging light is on.

Rosann Garcia

1 year ago
Fully charged kindle fire starts up then shuts off. Recommendations. Purchased from Amazon.

Powerbook Medic

1 year ago
@laura - that sounds pretty weird. I would try to restore it to factory defaults if you can first. After that, we'd really have to see it in shop. May be the motherboard, unfortunately.


1 year ago
screen froze while watching video on netflix. waited till battery ran out since power button nor screen touch working. charged several hours. get kindle fire lit on screen, zero function on power buttons or touch. 1yr old kindle fire hd 7"

Jonny bear

1 year ago
My kindle tells me screen is dark which I know how do I make it not dark

Powerbook Medic

1 year ago
@Stacy - we do offer a logic board repair service, but it may not be cost effective as it typically costs $95.

Stacy C

1 year ago
I broke off the black tab for one cable and though I can get them oriented properly, I can't seem to get them seated well enough to get the unit to boot. The screen lights briefly, but then nothing. Could you repair the cable connections?
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