This is the same-day teardown video of the iPad 2.

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8 months ago


11 months ago
My iPad 2 screen is green, I swapped lcd with one working ok on another iPad, the same problem,wil it be a logic board failure? If it is can I install an OEM logic board? Regards


1 year ago
Can I use a wifi digitizer to replace a cracked 3G screen. If so why does the ipad I have done this to not powered up.

Powerbook Medic

1 year ago
@Erin - yes you can.


1 year ago
Is it possible to swap an iPad2 16gb motherboard for another iPad2 16gb motherboard? Will it work the same


1 year ago
I have problem in find a logic board ipad 2 emc 2560 for my ipad 2 wifi only. if you did help me.

Powerbook Medic

1 year ago
@pablo - only Apple can do that. Serial numbers are tied to the logic board.


1 year ago
how to change the logic board serial number after being replaced?
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