This is a takeapart manual for the original Sony PSP handheld gaming system.


13 months ago
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Supreme overlord

1 year ago
If I buy the mother board will the blue screen stop poping up


3 years ago
my sister spilt oil in my psp what do I do

Powerbook Medic

4 years ago
@Jim - we'd really have to see it in the shop and give it a full diagnosis, but it's most likely the motherboard.


4 years ago
My psp 1004 is not working only green light is coming


4 years ago
Was recently given a psp-1001 that can't read UMD. Was told that it would need a motherboard. Upon inspection I can see that the disk motor is spinning and the laser tray is moving and focusing, however I don't see the laser itself. Just for clairification this does use a visible laser, correct?

Powerbook Medic

4 years ago
@Jp - we sell the parts in the list to the right. If we are sold out, you can sign up for the in-stock notification on the product page.

J p

4 years ago
Great video but they don't have the parts what a shame kinda like false advertising :(
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