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MacBook Unibody Trackpads

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 2/21/11
Description: This guide shows how to remove and install trackpads on the new Unibody models.

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Comments (8):

9 months ago
Hi did James above have a fix , mines exactly the same? Thanks for any help
2 years ago
Hey guys, I recently bought this and replaces as per your guide. I was super careful the entire time and I'm pretty tech savvy (comp sci student here..), but after I sealed it all back up, now it won't turn on! It's completely dead! If i plug in the charger, the LED is really faint. I've opened it up and made sure everything's all good, and tried to reset the SMC and all, nothing works! Any ideas? :(
3 years ago
Thanks for the tip and great info. Maybe it's me but I had to drop down to #0000 to loosen the pad from the mounts. Or maybe it was the cheap screwdrivers. Works great now. Only tri-wing I have is on the battery. The adjustment screw is a T6 torx.
Powerbook Medic
3 years ago
@Sid - we use a #00. The adjustment screw is sometimes a tri-wing.
3 years ago
Hi, I just got my replacement from you and got down to the touchpad (13" MBP unibody A1278). This video works for me but the screws for the trackpad appear much smaller than #00 (which I used to open the bottom cover). What size phillips screwdriver did you use on the touchpad? Thx much.
Powerbook Medic
3 years ago
@max - hey max, taking out the trackpad is about the same for each model. If you are concerned with getting to the trackpad, we have a new blog post that discusses the slight differences.
max (italy)
3 years ago
my Mac is macbook pro 15" unibody First series....
max (italy)
3 years ago
Hallo, I recently purchased from you the spare for my 15" unibody first series but have never published a guide for replacing the trackpad. Unfortunately, this video shows the new models that are very different inside. I would be very grateful if you could post a video for my model, so I will not have wasted my money. Regards
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