This is a take-apart video for the original 13" MacBook.

Fix & Install

2 weeks ago
Hi, a customer brought in a MacBook A1181 with a very similar problem as already discussed here, namely the back light shuts off when the computer heats up. If the MacBook is closed, after about 30 min. it'll work again for a while. Any idea on the course of action here? Replace inverter first and work from there?

Powerbook Medic

4 months ago
@JasonYoung - it is usually the inverter board, but it can also be the inverter cable or the LCD.


5 months ago
Need help please? My black Macbook 2008 does not light up, but I could still see the content if I use a light or tilt my macbook at an angle. Everything works, but no back light. Is my LCD gone?

Powerbook Medic

4 months ago
@Ab - most likely. You may want to try an SMC reset first just to rule that out. Just remove the battery and plug, and just hold down the power button for a good 5-10 seconds, then just plug in the power and see if it works.


4 months ago
I have the same model laptop with the video. The problem is it work fine using onlly battery,the minute when I power plug the whole computer will shut down. I change MagSafe adapter but nothing change. Do I need to change the logic board?thanks.


7 months ago
Can I change out the processor on my A1181 early 2009 13inch model? I have changed the hard drive to solid state, then the ram up to 8GB, but I want to get it running faster. At least with an even faster booting than the fifteen seconds it currently takes.

Powerbook Medic

8 months ago
@Matt - typically the light will flash a set number of times which indicates what kind of error it is. One or three quick flashes indicate a RAM issue and long flashes are more logic board firmware issues.


8 months ago
Odd, I have the exact same issue as Carol, except no sounds at all. When I press the power button, the green light on the right of the camera faintly flashes. If I hold the power button, it continues to flash. Full battery power, no boot. Logic board maybe? do you know what parts fail?
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