This is a take-apart video for the original 13" MacBook.


1 year ago
If you just recently replaced the screen, verify the connection. I just swapped mine out last night and it was black, but if I put a light over the screen, I could see every thing. Today I pulled off the inverter cover and pushed the connection in fully and I felt it connect. It then lit up.


1 year ago
my MacBook (13-inch Mid 2007) wouldnt turn on so i was told to take battery out and put on charger cord and told me to hold shift control options and hold power, and it cuts on but the screen wont cut on

Powerbook Medic

2 years ago
@Emah - you can check and see if it is booting up by adjusting the volume and seeing if you can hear the sound. If it is booting it is more likely to be an inverter board or LCD issue. If it is not booting, it is more likely to be the logic board. There are a lot of possibilities so it may be best to get it professionally diagnosed if you don't have access to parts to test.


2 years ago
My MacBook keyboard lights up but my screen is just black I've tried everything and it won't light back up what do I do because I have only used my MacBook a few times so it should be working?


2 years ago
please I have Apple Ipad just 24hours ago I can't empower it any more. please what can I do?


2 years ago
Greetings. anyone ever update the 1811 to 4gb of memory - but get a black screen, solid light and no chime on attempted startup? When I use 1 2gb chip and 1 512mb chip it works great... but nothing works when both 2 gb chips are in. I've swapped chips and it's not the memory. stumped. Thanks for a response?


2 years ago
My MacBook A1181 Late 2006 has started shutting down randomly. It does this when it's fully charged and unplugged and when it's plugged in charging. Where should I start my troubleshooting?


3 years ago
I got a secondhand mac that was pretty roughed up. Gave it a clean etc and sorted out the hardrive and it worked fine. Bought a new battery as whoever owned it previously managed to break it, among other things. Worked brilliant for a couple of months even if it was a bit slow and suddenly it wont power up. Whether its plugged in or not there is no life. Battery is fully charged. Nothing has been done to the mac in the past couple of months since the clean and new battery. Any ideas what the issue is? I remember when it first died id shut it down and when i unplugged the socket it booted back up briefly on its own but was just running, without programmes etc. I couldn't do anything with it except hold down the power button.
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