Best Price Guarantee

When you send your unit in to, you're getting the best repair service at the best price. We're so confident in this, that if you get a lower repair quote from any another company, and we can't beat that price, we'll give you $25 in store credit. Further, every repair sent out of our facility is backed by our 1 year parts and labor warranty, something few can match.

Terms and Conditions

To participate in our Best Price Guarantee, you must receive a written quote via email from our Repair Department. To receive a quote, click on the Request a Quote link on the Repair Center page.

If you are able to find a lower repair quote, you must email that quote on official company letterhead to, or fax it to 1-866-726-3342. Once we verify the quote to be a legitimate quote, we will email you to let you know if we are able to beat the quoted price. If we are unable to beat a quote, you will be sent instructions on redeeming the $25 in store credit.

To qualify, the repair quotes received from us and the other company must be for replacing the same items. For example, if we quote a price for an 80GB hard drive replacement, and you provide a lower quote from another company for a 40GB Hard Drive replacement, this would not qualify for the guarantee as the quotes are for different items.

The $25 in store credit is not redeemable for cash and can only be used at our website,

If upon receiving your unit, our initial diagnosis was incorrect or your unit needs more than originally quoted, you still have the option to locate a better quote for the best price guarantee before the repairs are completed.

Our quotes do not include shipping. If the invoice you provide includes shipping, we will calculate shipping charges based on your location and send you a revised quote. To request this, email As a point of reference, Ground shipments usually will cost $10 to our location, so you could factor in a round trip cost of $20. Overnight shipments are usually around $35, so you could factor in a roundtrip cost of around $70.