Order Status Codes Explained

Processed - Your order has been received and will ship shortly

Shipped - Your order has shipped. If you chose a shipping method with tracking information, you can click on the order details to get that information.

Backordered - The item you ordered is on backorder. Please view the details of the order to check the status of the backorder. You will also be emailed this information from our orders department. If your order is on backorder, please respond to the backorder notice to let the order department know if you would like to proceed with the order.

Queued - You will receive this status if you have paid with a check or money order and we have not yet received your payment. We are awaiting payment for your order, and your order will ship once payment is received. Educational Institutions will receive this code for Purchase Order payments as well.

Failed - Your order has been cancelled. If your card was initially charged, it has been refunded. Your order will not ship.

Not Finished - This code indicates that you did not complete payment. This code is most usually associated with Paypal payments and is a result of not completing the transaction. If your order states not finished, then payment has not been received, the order has not processed, and will not ship.

Declined - Your credit card has been declined. Your card has not been charged, and your order will not ship.