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PSP 3001 Faceplate

Price:   $3.75 - $16.95
Choose from the options below...
Black - Grade B
Silver - Grade B
White - Grade B
Lilac Purple
Lilac Purple - Grade B
Vibrant Blue
Vibrant Blue - Grade B
Radiant Red
Radiant Red - Grade B
Bright Yellow
Bright Yellow - Grade B
Spirited Green
Spirited Green - Grade B
Blossom Pink
Blossom Pink - Grade B
Turquoise Green
Turquoise Green - Grade B

Product Description:
This is the Faceplate for the PSP 3001.
Compatible With: See Compatibility List
Suggested Items for Installation: Phillips Head #00 Take Apart Tool Screwdriver
Condition: Grade B (GS20661B, GS206611B, GS206613B, GS206614B, GS206615B, GS206616B, GS206617B, GS206612B, GS206618B, GS206619B), Used (GS20661, GS206611, GS206613, GS206614, GS206615, GS206616, GS206617, GS206612, GS206618, GS206619)
Used parts are in Grade A- to A condition unless otherwise specified.
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Warranty: 1 Year PowerbookMedic Warranty
Repair Guides: Click to go to our Free Instructional Guides page.

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