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MacBook Pro 17" Display LCD Screen

Price:   $37.75 - $239.95
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Screen Type:
Matte Finish (1680x1050)
Matte Finish (1680x1050) USED
Glossy Finish (1680x1050)
Glossy Finish (1680x1050) USED
Matte Finish (1920x1200)
Matte Finish (1920x1200) USED
Glossy Finish (1920x1200)
Glossy Finish (1920x1200) USED
LED Matte (1920x1200)
LED Matte (1920x1200) USED
LED Glossy (1920x1200)
LED Glossy (1920x1200) USED

Product Description:
This is the 17" LCD TFT Display and backlight for the MacBook Pro. This is the LCD and backlight only. This does not include hinges, casing, display cables, etc...The inverter cable is included as it is attached to the backlight. If you have a cracked LCD or dark black blotches on your display, this is the only part you need. Apple does not manufacture LCD panels. They use several different manufacturers. The panels we sell are the same manufacturer and part number that originally went into the Macbook Pro. It will be the same quality and type currently in your system. The normal Glossy and Matte LCDs (SKU12291 and SKU12292) are not interchangeable with the Matte Hi-res model (SKU12293). These panels are 100% compatible in your Macbook Pro.

Use the chart below to help determine which is the correct screen for you. Orders for an incorrect LCD will be subject to restocking fees for refunds or additional shipping charges for exchanges.

Model #
Screen Type

SKU12291 - Matte Finish (1680x1050)
SKU12292 - Glossy Finish (1680x1050)

2.16GHz Processor

SKU12291 - Matte Finish (1680x1050)
SKU12292 - Glossy Finish (1680x1050)

2.33GHz Processor

SKU12291 - Matte Finish (1680x1050)
SKU12292 - Glossy Finish (1680x1050)
SKU12293 - Matte Finish (1920x1200)(1)
SKU12296 - Glossy Finish (1920x1200)(1)

Manufactured: Early 2008

SKU12291 - Matte Finish (1680x1050)
SKU12292 - Glossy Finish (1680x1050)
SKU12294 - LED Matte Finish (1920x1200)(1)
SKU12295 - LED Glossy Finish (1920x1200)(1)

Manufactured: Late 2008

(1) The high resolution screen is not interchangeable and there is no way to know which you have except by the part number on your original LCD or you knowing which resolution you run at.
One Year Warranty on all parts and labor!

These screens are the LCD replacements that go into the following parts. 661-2824, 661-2949, 661-3275, 661-3542, or 661-3764

This product has new and used options. Please be sure to select the correct option.
Compatible With: N/A
Suggested Items for Installation: Mac Repair Tool Set
Condition: Used (GS12296, GS12293, GS12292, GS12291, GS12294, GS12295), New (SKU12296, SKU12293, SKU12292, SKU12291, SKU12294, SKU12295)
Used parts are in Grade A- to A condition unless otherwise specified.
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Warranty: 1 Year PowerbookMedic Warranty
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