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Cricket UTStarcom CDM 7126

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Brand: UTStarcom
Product Description:
Includes phone and battery only. No cables or sim card included. Few scratches, works with Cricket

Sleek, compact, and powerful, the silver and black Cricket UTStarcom CDM7126 cellular phone is an excellent choice for users who seek reliability and performance. This UTStarcom mobile phone features a stunning color screen, flip style design, tri-band support, and a Li-ion battery with up to 5 hours of talktime and up to 248 hours of standby time. Surf the Web quickly, connect multiple devices through Bluetooth technology, and enjoy downloading everything from ringtones to games to apps via this cellular phone. Users will be entertained for hours with Cricket games and apps available on this UTStarcom mobile phone. Speakerphone functionality, voice-activated dialing, and predictive text input all make communicating easier, while calculator, alarm, and calendar applications keep users on schedule and productive. The UTStarcom CDM7126 cellular phone keeps contacts organized in an easy-to-access contact directory. Weighing just 3 oz and measuring 3.6 inches high, 1.9 inches wide, and 0.7 inches deep, this UTStarcom mobile phone easily fits into pockets, purses, and briefcases.

Network Type: CDMA
Compatible With: N/A
Suggested Items for Installation: N/A
Condition: Used
Used parts are in Grade A- to A condition unless otherwise specified.
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Includes phone and battery only. No cables or sim card included. Few scratches, works with Cricket
Warranty: 1 Year PowerbookMedic Warranty
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