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BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330, Gray

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UPC: 609728153090
Brand: BlackBerry
Product Description:
Includes phone only. Heavy wear. Branded Verizon

Enjoy the multitude of content that you can download and use on your Blackberry Curve 9330. Play numerous games, read tons of eBooks, and use several entertainment and travel applications from the excellent Blackberry Application feature. Start multitasking with the Blackberry Curve 9330, there is no limit to what this high-powered smartphone can accomplish. The Blackberry 9330 Curve is an ideal best friend wherever you go. A used Blackberry 9330 Curve is an excellent alternative for the savings-oriented shopper. Get your hands on your very own Blackberry Curve 9330 by purchasing a pre-owned one instead. A second-hand Blackberry 9330 Curve 3G delivers the same performance like a brand new one.
Compatible With: N/A
Suggested Items for Installation: N/A
Condition: Grade B

Includes phone only. Heavy wear. Branded Verizon
Warranty: 1 Year PowerbookMedic Warranty
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