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ATT Samsung Sunburst A697 Use, Clean ESN

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UPC: 635753481945
Brand: Samsung
Product Description:
Includes phone and battery only. No cables or sim card included. Heavy wear and scratches, works with AT&T.

With a full range of customizable widgets for single-touch access to applications, easy to use full virtual keyboard, and a large screen, the Samsung Sunburst is stylish and useful. Access social networking with the Samsung SGH A697 mobile phone with one-touch access on the touch screen and keep everyone up-to-date by capturing and uploading photos and video taken with the built-in camera. The camera has a 2 MP and 4x digital zoom. Keep up with real-time traffic alerts with AT&T Navigator on the Samsung Sunburst to navigate more easily. Just as useful, the AllSport GPS exercise application can track calories burned and distance traveled while jogging. This cellular phone is fully equipped with multiple ways to stay in touch, such as text, email, picture, video, and instant messaging. Even user-friendlier with the Samsung Sunburst is the Smart Unlock gesture control, involving drawing the letter needed for the task. For instance, users could draw the letter "U" to unlock, or "B" to browse. The Samsung SGH A697 mobile phone features a black exterior and is 4.33 inches long. Weighing 3 oz, the phone is sleek, slim, and lightweight. The battery lasts for five hours of talk time but with 250 hours of standby time, always available and ready for use. This cellular phone is an unlocked phone, allowing interchangeability with SIM card carriers.Network Type: GSM
Compatible With: N/A
Suggested Items for Installation: N/A
Condition: Grade B

Includes phone and battery only. No cables or sim card included. Heavy wear and scratches, works with AT&T.
Warranty: 1 Year PowerbookMedic Warranty
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