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Repair Guide submissions will be eligible for possible cash prizes based on quality, detail, and originality. After your manual is submitted and reviewed, we will contact you for any rewards. Please choose your payment preference from the options below.

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We can notify you when there are changes to your account and submissions. Please note that normal texting fees for SMS will apply. Notifications are optional.

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  • Fill out the personal information to the left including your desired username, password, name, and email address.

  • Choose which payment method you would have as your preference. If your submitted manual is accepted, you can have a payment sent to your Paypal Account or if you choose Store Coupon, we will issue you a coupon for a store credit on a future purchase.

  • If you would like to be notified via Twitter or SMS, you can fill in that information to the left. Whenever there is a change to the status of your submission, you will be notified by these alternate services in addition to email.

  • After you are finished filling out the requested information, click the Register button to finish the process. You will then be emailed a confirmation code to complete the registration process.