PowerbookMedic.com offers educational accounts and discounts to US based educational institutions.

  • Discounts are for institutions only, not for students or individuals.
  • We do accept purchase orders.

Whether you need parts to install in local machines, or you want to send us employee units, we can set up a program to suit your needs.

For more information email dealers@powerbookmedic.com

How Do I Place a Purchase Order?

  1. Create an account at our online store.
  2. Email dealers@powerbookmedic.com with your username and interest in becoming an approved educational institution.
  3. Once approved, you must place your order online, login to your account, and choose Purchase Order as your payment method. This step is required.
  4. Fax your physical PO to 1-404-592-5216 or email in a scanned copy to dealers@powerbookmedic.com. Please be sure to write your order # on the physical PO.
  5. Make payment within 30 days of the purchase date.