Amazon Kindle Fire Take Apart Guide

November 15th, 2011

We received our Amazon Kindle Fire today and promptly began the disassembly. Below is the very first Kindle Fire Take apart video.

The take apart is also available on our repair guide page here: Kindle Fire Take Apart

6 Responses to “Amazon Kindle Fire Take Apart Guide”

  1. […] to see the insides of a Kindle Fire? did a wonderful teardown video that spares no time ripping one apart. It’s all in the name of science, of course… […]

  2. Laptopaholic says:

    Great video, was hoping there would be some surprises. Thanks

  3. JErry B says:

    would it be possiable to strip down and take the 3g card from my kindle 3 and put it in the kindle fire?

  4. Bradley says:

    @Jerry – No.

  5. ingrid says:

    I was wondering if anywhere inside is the serial number I need to find mine cause all my kindle fire does is go to a recovery screen

  6. Bradley says:

    @ ingrid – I’m fairly certain the only way to get that info is from inside the system itself, so if it isn’t working there is no easy way to get it.

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