A Brief History of PowerBook Medic

May 29th, 2019

Have you ever wondered how the company you now know and love, PowerBook Medic, got its start? We took a minute and asked the CEO and Founder, Bradley Wallace, for a brief history of where it all began.

My passion for computers really started with my dad. My dad always bought the latest and greatest technology and had me playing on the first Mac when I was still in diapers. As luck would have it, those first Macs he had, ended up broken in my parent’s attic. One day in high school I took them out, fixed them, and sold them on eBay. I continued to buy, fix, and sell units in my college dorm until I eventually was asked to leave the dorms because I was getting too many packages. From there came the Apple revolution and the growth of our company.

I officially started the business in December of 2002 before iPhones and iPads. At that time it was primarily Powerbook G3s and Powerbook G4s. The turning point would be the release of the iPhone and then iPad. Later, we started our component level repair department due to Apple’s decreasing the repairability of devices. It’s crazy to look back and see where we started, and after 17 years, how far we have come.

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